Nickel Fission EX Fountain Pen
Nickel Fission EX Fountain Pen

Nickel Fission EX Fountain Pen


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The Fission EX includes a beautifully machined ebonite grip turned on lathes at our Pennsylvania workshop. Ebonite has historically been a popular material used in the fabrication of premium fountain pens, and it's now available on the Nemosine Fission. Ebonite has a feel that is softer and easier to grip than metal. 

The Nemosine Fission Nickel Fountain Pen features a turned cigar style brass body and cap with a sleek nickel plating. The threaded twist cap also threads to post for a secure fit. Fitted into each Fission pen is an exceptional Nemosine nib manufactured in Germany by JoWo with final tuning and installation at our Pennsylvania workshop.This commandingly large and heavy fountain looks and performs like a stunner several times it's price tag.

Each Nemosine Fission EX includes:

  • Cigar Style Brass Body Nemosine Fission Fountain Pen
  • Exceptional #6 Nemosine JoWo Nib Installed
  • Threaded Twist Cap w/ Thread-to-Post
  • Removable Ink Converter
  • Beautifully machined ebonite grip section
  • Original plated brass grip section (spare)
  • 5 Starter Nemosine Ink Cartridges
      Each piece ships FREE in the U.S.A. 
      Length Capped: 140.4mm | Length Posted: 169.3mm
      Length Unposted: 128.3mm | Grip Diameter (Mid): 10.62mm
      Barrel Diameter (Largest): 14.3mm | Weight: 44g (1.5oz)