Mystery Fountain Pen


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* Closeout Sale - all Nemosine pens discounted until sold out permanently! 

Original MSRP $19.99 - $39.99 ea.

Over the years we've accumulated fountain pens returned to us for various reasons. Some of these pens contain minor scratches but they should all perform perfectly. All Nemosine pens shipped as a Mystery Fountain Pen are random colors of the Fission, Neutrino, or Acrylic Singularity models. No injection molded plastic Singularity pens will ship as a Mystery Fountain Pen. 

Every pen shipped is completely random within the Fission / Neutrino / Acrylic Singularity spectrum, with the selection spanning as far back as colors discontinued years ago. Each piece will ship with your choice of Nemosine Medium or Fine nib installed with removable ink converter. The last full retail prices for each qualifying piece ranged from $19.99 to $39.99 ea. Because the liquidation price is so low and our returns inventory is sporadic, we apologize that we cannot accommodate any special requests for model, color, or nib sizes outside of F/M with this purchase. 


Mystery Pen FAQ:

1. Since our inventory is sporadic and limited, and the price is so low, no special requests can be accommodated for model, color, or nib sizes outside of F/M. The pen you receive will be random within the model spectrum described above. 

2. To prevent returns abuse from treasure hunting for particular models/colors, we cannot accept returns for Mystery Fountain Pen purchases. 

3. Even though these fountain pens may contain minor aesthetic flaws, they should perform perfectly for you. With this, we'll be glad to work with you if you notice any defects in performance to make sure you're excited about your fountain pen purchase. 


Each Mystery Fountain Pen purchase includes:

  • Randomly selected Nemosine Fission, Neutrino, or Acrylic Singularity
  • Exceptional #5 or #6 Nemosine Nib Installed
  • Removable Ink Converter
  • Arrives packaged in a basic pen sleeve