#6 0.8 Stub Reentry Nib

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Back by popular demand, the Nemosine Reentry Nibs feature a unique torched tip produced individually by hand. The inspiration of the Reentry Nib is the fiery hot atmospheric entry of objects from space at extremely high velocity. The Reentry Nib image in this listing was taken under florescent photography lighting; please anticipate discoloration over time and avoid nib exposure to pen flush (remove and gently clean with regular water instead.)

It's difficult to achieve a consistent iridescent finish and there are always quite a few nibs in each batch that don't pass muster. The Reentry nibs that don't possess adequate iridescent characteristics will soon be for sale at a discount as Burnout Nibs. 

Since the delicate torched finish on every nib is applied by hand there is quite a bit of variability in the tip coloring from yellow, brown, purple, blue, and intermittently back to a chrome color on the portions that were hottest during the treatment. Since we are only selling these direct at the moment we're glad to work with you to make certain you're happy with the nib you receive. 

The Reentry process for each nib includes:
- Cleaning
- Delicately hand torching the tip
- Color sealant application
- 24 hour minimum curing period
- Second hand torching
- Floss and polish