3 Year Perfection Guarantee

We're positive that you're going to absolutely love our pens and that they'll continue to perform with the precision and consistency that you expect with your daily writing instrument. Every one of our pens includes an unconditional 3 year warranty on the ink flow, from converter to nib, even if the issue was caused by user error. If within 3 years you have any flow issues with your Nemosine fountain pen, return it to us along with $5 to cover testing, labor, and return postage... we'll fix up and return your pen, guaranteeing that you'll enjoy your pen for years to come! 


* A single unit can be returned to us a maximum of 3 times within 3 years (to ensure that new part replacement is not abused.)
** We're in the process of creating international relationships to keep the postage charge low, but we may need to charge the invoiced international shipping rate from USPS or UPS to repair/replace pens outside of the United States.
*** To forego a bunch of fancy legal jargon, we must reserve the right to rescind our warranty offer at any time, at our sole discretion, without notice. We certainly don't foresee any chance of resorting to this kind of action... but instead of paying a lawyer buckets of money to state the same thing within 3 pages of legal jargon, we figured we'd just protect ourselves by saying it outright.